KBH is a full-fledged law firm in the GCC and provide multi jurisdictional legal services to its client. Our aim is to help our clients drive change and grow, as well as to assess and advise on risk. We have a reputation for providing exceptional multi jurisdictional legal services and are renowned for our commitment to excellence and our ability to find innovative solutions to complex legal problems.

KBH is set apart from its competitors by offering both case management and advocacy services. Many local and international law firms based in the region instruct KBH as an advisor in their own matters to carry out the advocacy, advise on strategy and finalise pleadings. Our clients benefit from a cost-efficient litigation service and from in-house counsel who are able to provide input from the inception of the case, which contributes to higher success rates in all of KBH’s matters.

The team represents clients in a wide range of contentious matters including contractual and commercial disputes, banking and financial services matters, shareholder disputes, real property and construction disputes, agency, brand protection and distribution matters, regulatory disputes and investigations, liquidation and insolvency matters, employment disputes, and non-contractual liability claims arising from breaches of statutory and regulatory duties and from breaches of fiduciary duty in a professional regulated contexts.

KBH advises clients on the optimum strategy for them to achieve a successful entry into the DIFC, the UAE and the wider GCC region. It also advises on the optimum corporate and partnership models for our clients’ growth strategies including:

  • DIFC Court
  • DIFC – LCIA Tribunals
  • ICC
  • Dubai Courts
  • Bahrain Courts
  • Kuwait Courts
  • London High Court and English Court of Appeal
  • Small Claims Tribunal
  • Special Tribunal for Dubai World

KBH has an established reputation of excellence and our track record of success is unrivalled based upon our team’s combined expertise and its dedication, in accordance with our ethos, to at all times rigorously defending and advancing our client’s cases whilst creating opportunities and exploring solutions for settlement on optimum commercial terms. Our track record, experience and judgment enables us to offer and agree innovative risk-sharing fee arrangements and costs structures with clients in appropriate cases.