KBH is a regional international law firm with offices in Dubai, Kuwait and Bahrain. The firm specialises in international commercial transactions and disputes, frequently with a dimension beyond the GCC. We offer tailored corporate advisory and dispute resolution services across all sectors. We are particularly known for our work in international commercial litigation and arbitration.

KBH has 4 partners and employs 14 lawyers including two senior barristers and 9 associate lawyers having significant complementary experience from across the Middle East, Europe and further afield. KBH’s lawyers are typically dual-qualified and multi lingual.

Since our foundation in 2006, KBH has been at the forefront of advising on innovative corporate solutions and litigation strategies in the DIFC, on shore Dubai and the wider GCC region. The firm has acted and been instrumental in a significant number of key precedent setting cases and occupies a prominent award-winning position for its strategic and advocacy services.

KBH enjoys strong peer recognition as a tough and able opponent in contentious matters. It has an established record of excellence as a regional firm of choice for international commercial litigation and arbitration in the DIFC and the wider GCC area. The firm has maintained an unrivalled sequence of wins in all contentious work in recent years. This reflects KBH’s dedication to the highest standards of legal representation and attention to detail.

The firm has a growing international client base of commercial, corporate and high net worth clients and families having interests in the Middle East. Our expertise extends across diverse sectors of industry and services, including banking and financial services, private equity investment and funds platforms, insurance and reinsurance, real estate and construction, infrastructure, oil and gas, as well as the food, hospitality, and luxury retail agency and distribution sectors.

KBH’s client base includes regional, international and off shore financial institutions, private and public companies, and high net worth individuals having interests in the UAE and the wider GCC. It also includes regulated commercial entities, government departments and public bodies, commercial professionals and intermediaries, specialist service providers, liquidators and other insolvency practitioners, and high net worth individuals working or doing business in the region.

In our advisory and dispute resolution services KBH has the capacity to both partner and to match leading international law firms active in the GCC region. In recent years, we have developed a dedicated “360” dispute resolution practice that includes full case management and advocacy services. This draws on the full skills and capacity of our integrated case teams, including counsel having an advocacy role, in advisory and contentious matters.

The KBH standard and model directly benefits client relations and communications. We strive to instill in all team members a reflexive awareness of client instructions and objectives, of the overall and specific strategies being pursued, of the costs and other consequences of every step, and of any changes that may recommend themselves as matters develop. We see this as both a function and as an advantage of being a small firm.

KBH clients also benefit from the efficiencies and savings that result from the involvement of our integrated case team from the earliest advisory stages of a case.

The firm’s expertise and experience, and the trust and confidence of our clients, enable us to accurately assess litigation risks. At the same time, our diverse and flexible fee structures, ranging from traditional retainers to fixed fee arrangements to deferred fee arrangements based upon risk sharing, as well as the use of litigation funding are tailored to each client’s requirements in managing their legal costs.

KBH contributes to developing rules in the GCC through its advocacy on new precedents as they arise and through its wider professional advocacy.

Our trainee mentoring programmes are complemented by active outreach to pro bono work, focused mainly in employment, housing and immigration matters.